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Overview of the Layout Editor

What It Is The layout editor is intended to serve as a mock up device to those who are working on projects like magazines and books. However, it can double as an app that is used for general mock up as well (interior design, web design, etc.) Users are able to take photographs or texts, represented by tags in the physical world, and import them to their mock up by simply swiping them along the Microsoft Surface. In theory, a large database will house these tags but for demoing purposes they are hard coded in. When an image or text has been imported into the layout editor, the user can manipulate them as if they were real objects (slide them, rotate them, scale them etc.) all with their hands. The user can also delete said objects, or lock them into place once they are satisfied with their placement. In the final version of this app, multiple pages will be supported, as well as a text editor.

How It Works The main functionality of the layout editor is from the use of a ScatterView and ScatterViewItems. Each new text or picture placed onto a user's mock-up is a ScatterViewIem that is added to the ScatterView. ScatterViewItems are able to be moved and scaled, which allows the layout to be much more dynamic. You are also able to add event handlers to a ScatterViewItem, therefore when the user can interact with the items through holding the item, or double tapping it. Different gestures can call different functions that are linked through event handlers.

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