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- Registration:

  1. School registration: Name, class url, instructor, email, textarea, sections needed
  2. Robot registration: Name, Robot Name, User name, Password, School/Section and email needed.

- The school page: the instructor takes care of the school page updating it with current assignments, readings, things that are being carried out in class.

- A Picture Gallery: a way for students to upload their pictures.

- The Forum

  1. A possible idea for the forum: If we cannot work up our own forum this semester, then we can use another program (like the one we are using for blogging) and make it optional for the robots to put a frame of this website on their robot page. However, the one problem with this will be that they will need to log in a second time into this website in order to write on the forum. Any other ideas?

- Chat

- A way to reset their password.

- A message in case of a wrong username or password. [DONE]

- An automatic direction to their own robot page once they log in. [DONE, but maybe go to class page first?]

- Keeping track of robots' last logins.

- Links:

  1. Link to HTML help(HTML Help)
  2. Link to course website?

- Putting an edit button on the top frame.

- If "kitty" logs in as "kitty " (with a space), then python gives an attribute error. Spaces could be stripped off so that this doesn't cause any complications. [FIXED]

- If a "robot" forgets to logout, next time anyone visits MyWeb on that terminal, that robot will still be logged in. If the session finishes, should the robot be logged out automatically or not (if they have forgotten to logout) ??

- chat saves its data in a database [DONE]

- use database to show robots, schools, and sections

- create method of registration (name robot, set password, school/section)

- add section to webpage [DONE]

- add links to textbook and HTML help [DONE]

- ability to send files via chat to webpage