Meet the Scribbler Robot

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Chapter 1: Hello Scribbie!


  • Install the software.
  • Name your robot.
  • Move your robot!

The Scribbler – Your Robot!
The picture on the right is the scribbler! You will be working with one throughout this fun course. The scribbler can move, turn, speak, create simple tunes, draw shapes, avoid obstacles, and lots more.  :o)

Today you will set up your robot, name it and learn how to control it with a virtual joystick.

Get Set...Go!
Make sure the gamepad is plugged in. Every time you work with your robot, first type in:

>>> from myro import *
>>> init()

This will allow you to use all the commands that your robot understands. A window will pop up and you will be required to enter a number. Ask your instructor how to find your number.

Name your robot!
First, think of a name! We decided to name our robot Scribbie. To set the name, type:

>>> setName("Scribbie")

Make sure you write it exactly the way shown, i.e., capitalize N and put the name in quotation marks (You will find out why later).

Move your robot!

Your next command is:

>>> gamepad()
    • need to add**

Activity: Scribbie’s Mission to Outer Space Background on life on Mars. Mars is the most similar planet to Earth than any other planet in the solar system. They have the same axial rotation (the angle at which they rotate), the atmosphere is similar (compared to other planets) and there may be water on Mars. All this has led scientists to raise a very important question: is there life on Mars? Although some missions have been sent to Mars, scientists are yet to find evidence of life. (

Now is your chance to do some investigations!

Scribbie has lost a friend and signals from outer space indicate that she is stuck on one of the planets. Scribbie has chosen your robot to find her. Congratulations! Make your way through the solar system to find Scribbie’s friend. When you find him, don’t forget to take a photo to provide evidence!

Use your gamepad to steer your way through the solar system, locate the right planet, and press the right button to take a photo. Take a look at your photo to see if Scribbie’s friend is on that planet by typing:

>>> show()

Good luck! :o)

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