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May 8, 2008

Present: Richard Roberts, Ben Johnson, Jared Jackson, Stewart Tansley, and Doug Blank.

Our initial kick-off meeting for developing Myro3 and Pyjama.

Decided on weekly meetings on Monday's at noon (EDT), 9am EDT. Will use ConferenceXP for future meetings (if available). Jared said the MSR might have their machine down, and Ben will need to check with Keith and Jay to see if GATech's ConferenceXP is available.

Doug started the meeting by targeting the goals of the project to be the students, teachers, and pedagogy. We hope that the codebase will be useful for longterm development on pedagogical and robotics issues.

We discussed versions of current projects and decided on:

  • Mono 1.9
  • IronPython 2.0 beta 2
  • MS Robotics Studio 2.0
  • Visual Studio 2008

Jared mentioned that they will explore MSRS embedding. That would enable us to talk directly to internal parts without starting up separate processes.

We discussed goals for next week, and targeted:

  • Richard
    1. revise the Myro/IPRE C# code to work with current MSRS 2.0
    2. update the IronPython Tutorials to talk to MSRS 2.0
    3. create a solution for Pyjama C# codebase for VS2008 and add to CVS
    4. Future: develop MSRS services and simulations for Fluke, Gyro
  • Ben
    1. move to IronPython 2.0 in Pyjama
      • update hosting interface
      • make exceptions operate at Python level rather than C#
    1. continue to make Pyjama functional as an editor
      • hook up search/replace, prev, next
      • connect up accelerators to menu
    1. shell functionality (history, etc)
    2. IDE/shell integration
  • Doug
    1. add missing modules
      • serial port
      • jpeg/gif/png decode and display (Jared says: see System.Imaging)
      • zelle graphics API support

We decided Codeplex would be the place for tracking issues, and releasing packages.

Overall goal for next week: use Pyjama to talk to Fluke through Direct Connection, and to talk to a current MSRS simulation.