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Myro currently supports a single robot, but with the plans to add more. To see the current parts list, see Myro Development. To see details on the Fluke, see Hacking the Fluke.

You need the following items:



The Scribbler from Parallax has the following properties:

  • line (2 IR, binary)
  • obstacle (2 front IR, binary)
  • stall
  • light (3 front, continuous)
  • two-frequency tone generator (cannot handle commands while playing tones)
  • 6 AA batteries (not included; no recharger included)
  • can hold a pen in center of robot
  • no odometry
  • no side range sensors

Combined with our IPRE Fluke (which can be purchased here under license from Georgia Tech) it becomes a wireless Bluetooth robot. In addition to the bluetooth connectivity, the IPRE Fluke has:

  • the capability to program the scribbler with the IPRE firmware
  • extra LEDs (front and back)
  • 3 infrared obstacle detectors
  • a battery voltage sensor
  • a color camera

The scribbler+fluke combination is sold for $180 with educational discount. See the Georgia Robotics website for details.

All of our documentation and software written so far applies specifically to the Scribbler and uses Python. There are community efforts to adapt the material to C++ and Scheme as well as other robots. See Introduction to Computer Science via Robots and the Myro Reference Manual. Also, see USB/Bluetooth Adapters and Myro Development for more information.

Other Myro supported hardware

Myro supports most generic USB gamepads (for the gamepad() function).

Gamepads known to work with Myro (without needing drivers) on Windows & Linux:

  • Logitech Precision USB Gamepads (Superwarehouse at one point offered a $20 off coupon for orders of $200 or more, code: SUPER20 )
  • Thrustmaster FireStorm Digital 3 Gamepad

Microsoft USB X-Box gamepads will work, but only on windows computers and you MUST install the driver software that comes with them before Myro will recognize them.