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This page is for the older Python-only version of Myro. Please see Calico Download for newer Calico Python installation instructions

Myro is a new framework for programming robots. It is written in the language Python and designed for use in Introductory Computing courses. It is being developed by the Institute for Personal Robots in Education. This page describes the process to install Myro and its hardware.


If you are a student taking a course using Myro, then you only need setup the software on your computer, and install your Bluetooth adaptor. You can following directions in this section. The instructions on Hardware Setup (below) are designed to be performed by a teacher or Teacher's Assistant and should have already been performed for you.

If you have any problems, try reading Myro Troubleshooting.

This is a three step process:

  1. Install Myro
  2. Setup the Hardware
  3. Upgrade Myro

You'll find step-by-step instruction for these steps below.

Myro Installation and Setup

After you have installed Myro for your platform, you can test it with the following:

  • double-click on the "Start Python.pyw" file on your desktop
  • Enter the following into the IDLE window:
>>> from myro import *
>>> p = makePicture(200, 100)
>>> show(p)                          # should open up a window
>>> computer.beep(1, 800)            # should make a beep
>>> speak("Hello world!")            # should speak

You should see output in your idle window. Press <control+d> at the >>> prompt to exit.

Hardware Setup


Myro supports the ability to upgrade your software. To do this, you need:

  1. A network connection to the Internet
  2. To run python "Start Python.pyw" as an administrator

For the fluke upgrade procedure, you should NOT have already connected to the robot.

>>> from myro import *
>>> upgrade("fluke")

If Fluke doesn't restart (plays 5 fast beeps), then press the Scribbler's red restart button. Finally:

>>> from myro import *        #only needed if you have not already imported myro
>>> upgrade("scribbler")

After you have upgraded the scribbler robot and fluke, you may want to check and see if a Myro software update is avaliable: (Do this AFTER upgrading the fluke and scribbler to prevent a version mismatch problem.)

>>> from myro import *
>>> upgrade("myro")

Exit and restart your python/IDLE window after upgrading myro!