Myro Troubleshooting

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The following may help if you find yourself having problems.

  1. Some installs of Windows XP differ in bluetooth wizards. Be aware that Windows XP Office Pro has a different wizard which defaults to COM40 for the bluetooth port.
  2. Large COM ports may be issue for some. Myro has worked with comports as large as "com40", but there could be an issue. Try changing it to something lower like "com8".
  3. Make sure that the com port is given in lowercase letters.
  4. Be aware that the cable could be faulty. A faulty cable will make the Scribbler blink erratically.
  5. With lots of robots/bluetooth-devices in the room sometimes you need to search multiple times to find the one that belongs to you.
  6. If you are running other bluetooth devices on your computer, for example the belkin bluetooth device, you might need to uninstall it as those drivers conflict with the Cellink's drivers.
  7. forward() doesn't really go straight on a lot of robots due to differing motors.
  8. Be aware that forward(x) can be confusing; x is not time nor distance but rather a power or velocity.
  9. Be aware that forward(-1) makes the robots go backwards.
  10. Myro can be used with Ubuntu Linux
  11. Most Bluetooth problems can be solved with a laptop reboot.
  12. If students already have Python 2.4 installed then just choose "Repair" when it tries to reinstall Python 2.4 and everything should work fine.
  13. If Python 2.5 is already installed, make sure that the other Python packages (pyserial, myro, pyTTS, etc.) get installed correctly to the c:\python24 directory.
  14. Myro assumes that Python 2.4 is exactly in c:\Python24\ so don't put it anywhere else
  15. If your robot is acting strange, pay attention to the green status LED on the Serial Adaptor (the black gumstick-like rectangle with the antennae sticking out). It is solid green when connected to the Bluetooth, and flashes if not connected. If it keeps disconnecting, your batteries may be weak.
  16. If you try to run the joyStick but you don't see it, try looking behind the IDLE window.