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This page contains notes and Frequently Asked Questions.

General Trouble Shooting Tips

The following may help if you find yourself having problems.

  1. forward() doesn't really go straight on a lot of robots due to differing motors. Try out the calibrate() command if this worries you.
  2. Be aware that forward(x) can be confusing; x is not time nor distance but rather a power or velocity. Use forward(speed, time).
  3. Be aware that forward(-1) makes the robots go backwards.
  4. If students already have Python 2.4 installed then just choose "Repair" when it tries to reinstall Python 2.4 and everything should work fine.
  5. If Python 2.5 is already installed, make sure that the other Python packages (pyserial, myro, pyTTS, etc.) get installed correctly to the c:\python24 directory.
  6. Myro assumes that Python 2.4 is exactly in c:\Python24\ so don't put it anywhere else
  7. If you try to run the joyStick but you don't see it, try looking behind the IDLE window.

Upgrading Problems

0. Question: I connect to the Fluke, but my robot won't obey my commands?

Answer: Did you check your batteries? Also, make sure you install the myro server on the scribbler.

from myro import *

1. Question: When I was upgrading Myro with upgrade("myro") I got the error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "<pyshell#2>", line 1, in -toplevel-
File "C:\Python24\lib\site-packages\myro\", line 225, in upgrade
print "Nothing to upgrade on the Scribbler; it's up-to-date."
File "C:\Python24\lib\site-packages\myro\", line 125, in upgrade_myro
if filename != "" and filename[0] != '#':
File "C:\Python24\lib\site-packages\myro\", line 40, in import_url
contents =
File "C:\Python24\lib\site-packages\myro\", line 81, in import_file
ValueError: need more than 1 value to unpack

What should I do?

Answer: Ignore it and restart, and it should go away.

2. I once had the problem that my computer could not discover the fluke. I actually had to go beyond turning it off and actually remove the batteries in the scribbler and re-insert them!

Bluetooth Connection

You can verify that the fluke is successfully connected to a computer by looking for the RED bluetooth indicator light on the front of the Fluke. If it lights up and is blinking, the Fluke is connected to a computer. (If your robot is moving around or making noises when you didn't tell it to, it is possible that somebody else has connected to your fluke accidentally. Please verify the serial number of the Fluke you connect to when creating bluetooth serial port connections.)

Bluetooth Tips:

  1. Many Bluetooth problems can be solved with a reboot.
  2. If you still can not connect to your robot, delete the bluetooth serial port, and then re-add it. (Note that this may change which COM port number your robot uses.)
  3. Some installs of Windows XP use non-standard Bluetooth stacks installed by 3rd parties. Many times you can use the "Add/Remove Programs" control panel to remove 3rd party bluetooth stacks (Such as the "Bluetooth for Windows by TOSHIBA") which then allows the Windows XP default bluetooth stack and control panel to work.
  4. With lots of robots/bluetooth-devices in the room sometimes you need to search multiple times to find the one that belongs to you.
  5. If you are running other bluetooth devices on your computer, for example the belkin bluetooth device, you might need to uninstall it as those drivers might conflict with your other Bluetooth drivers.

PyGame Trouble

Using parallels/XP on mac os 10.4 I had to add the following line to get the gamepad (pygame) to work:

import pygame, os
os.environ['SDL_VIDEODRIVER'] = 'windib'

otherwise I got an error:

 error: No available video device