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I am pleased to announce that a new version of Myro in Scheme is released. This second Beta version brings with it one major new bonus: Windows support!

Binaries and source code are available for the 0.2 version:

  1. Local copies:
  2. using the MYRO_0_2 tag from CVS, or from my Gopher Server:
    1. <gopher://>
  3. My AnonCVS server can be reached using the following CVSROOT:
    1. CVSROOT=anoncvs at (no spam)
    2. CVSROOT=opencvs at (no spam) (OpenCVS Users)
    3. The module name is 'myro'.

Some additional benefits include cleaning up the interface in places where it was lacking, and encapsulating the code in a nice way to make it easy to build and use.

However, this is still Beta software, so please be aware that there are some bugs. Most notably, there are still some issues with sensing that results in buggy data for the UNIX ports, and causes disconnection issues on the Windows port. However, motion and other functions on the system seem to be functioning fairly well. I am working on fixing the Sensor issues.

Acknowledgments to Professor Kent Dybvig and Michel Salim for their assistance in getting the Windows port working.

Aaron W. Hsu <arcfide at (no spam)> | <>