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Doug Harms ( from DePauw University is implementing the Myro API in Java.

Downloading and Installing Myro/Java

The current version of Myro/Java is 1.1.5 (7 November 2012).

The code is downloadable via:

  • As a zip file here.
  • NOTE: The Myro.jar file included in the above zip file was created using java 1.7. If you experience problems with this file, a Myro.jar compiled with Java 1.6 is available here.

INSTALL.txt (included in the project from the above sources) contains detailed instructions for installing Myro/Java.

  • Install files and instructions are also available at . These are the files and instructions DePauw University students use to install Myro/Java on their laptops. There are step-by-step instructions and associated files for 32 and 64 bit Windows as well as various flavors of MacOSX. The Sandbox BlueJ project is also available at this site, as are instructions for establishing BlueTooth connections on Windows and Macs.

Bluetooth Setup

The following pages describe how to setup the Bluetooth connection between your computer and the scribbler. (NOTE: These pages were written for the Python implementation of Myro; you can ignore all steps that involve python.)

  • Linux (Bluetooth setup is described after step 10)
  • MacOSX (Follow steps 1-10, but look at step 11 to see the device name)
  • Windows7
  • WindowsXP

Myro/Java Documentation

JavaDoc documentation is included in the above download files, in the following individual pdfs, and here as a zip file containing all JavaDoc pdfs.

Myro/Java Sample Code and Tutorials

Several sample programs and tutorials were developed for SIGCSE2011 and are available here .

Learning Computing With Robots-Java Edition

Drafts of the "Learning Computing with Robots-Java Edition" textbook are available here .


A few notes:

  • I've developed this using BlueJ and the repo includes a BlueJ project (called "Project") where Myro is defined.
  • The Java code relies on a modified rxtx serial driver (I called this rxtxScribbler) for communication with the scribbler/fluke. The code also relies on JInput for communication with the gamepad. Binary files for these libraries are in the repo in the Binaries folder.
  • Brief instructions for installing Java/BlueJ/libraries are contained in INSTALL.txt
  • I've tested this on Linux (Fedora 14, both 32 and 64 bit), Windows 7 & XP (both 32 and 64 bit), and Mac OSX (Tiger(32 bit) and Snow Leopard(64 bit)).
  • Getting bluetooth connections working is pretty much the same as described for Myro at

If anyone is interested please feel free to download the code and try it out, but please keep in mind that it's still a bit rough in places. Any comments/suggestions/bugs/etc are appreciated!