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Getting Started with a Nao Robot

To reset a Nao robot to factory settings, follow these instructions:

  1. You will need the little usb stick that came with the Nao.
  2. Insert the usb stick into your computer's usb slot black side/gold pins up.
  3. Your computer will not recognize the stick. That's okay.
  4. Check your robot version [here] to get the right software.
  5. You need to download the Nao flasher software, located [here]. To access the software you will need to create an account at the community web site. You just need a username, password and email address.
  6. You will also need the Nao robot operating system software for your robot. Check [here].
  7. Make sure your usb disk is unmounted. If you are on a Mac, use the terminal to do this effectively. Good instructions can be found [here]. Instructions for Windows and Linux are on the Nao flasher software page.
  8. Run flasher as an administrator. For both Mac and Linux, this will mean using sudo ./flasher from a Terminal window.
  9. Browse for the opennao robot software and select your usb disk. Check the factory reset box and click write.
  10. Once the process is complete, remove the usb stick and put it in the back of your robot's head.
  11. Turn on your robot and wait for his boot process to finish.