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Introduction to Recommender Systems

  • What is an RS?
  • [What are different types of recommender systems]

My Project

Part 1: Exploring Recommendation Systems

  • look at different recommender systems
    • by dif companies
    • dif methods
  • historical vantage-point: start w/ oldest & come to newest
  • what makes a good RS?
  • other directions:
    • AI/machine learning used in RS
    • security/privacy issues?
    • multi-agent systems, computer models for trust?

Part 2: Designing a Recommendation System?

  • plan is to design new RS -- use novel topic (e.g. Bryn Mawr course recommendations) or technique (hybrid of existing techniques?)
  • may deem infeasible or may prefer to explore RS research further
  • in that case, will present analysis of current state of affairs re: recommendation systems & suggestions for further improvements

What I’ve Done So Far

Next Week

  • continue reading (& adding to wiki page)
  • specifically, look into old/original rec systems
  • want to know more about each of the three types of RS (personalized, social, item-based)
    • more details on how they work
  • look at companies -- how do they explain what they're doing (be wary of "we're so amazing"- type spin)
  • any info on classifying/rating rec systems -- how do you know if one is "better" than another?)