RBI Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: Review

Where are you?
The scientists at Bryn Mawr Labs have discovered the Bytelan Island in the Indian Ocean. It has three unknown natural habitats. You are a special investigator for the Bryn Mawr Nature Investigation Force. The scientists believe that the island has three main zones. It is your job as a team to go to the island and find out what these zones are. You will find three zones in the room. Send your robot inside and take one picture in each zone. Don't forget to save the picture you take and name them according to the labels on each of the zones so that you can identify them later.

Scientists also say that it is a hard trek to reach the island. Be prepared! Use all you have learned in this class to make the trip successful. Move objects out of your way or simply avoid them. Help your fellow robots with the obstacles. In the end, put together all the evidence that each robot collected and as a team help the scientists decide what each zone is.

Commands you have learned so far

forward(speed, time)
backward(speed, time)
turnLeft(speed, time)
turnRight(speed, time)
variable = takePicture()
savePicture(variable, “filename.jpg”)

Good Luck!

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