SIGCSE 2010 Pre-Symposium

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Introducing Computing with Personal Robots – SIGCSE 2010 Edition

The Institute for Personal Robots in Education (IPRE) is pleased to offer a pre-symposium hands-on workshop for instructors interested in using robots as a stimulating context for CS education. First run as a series of summer workshops in 2008, this updated pre-symposium will introduce you to a fresh, but proven practical approach to CS1 that uses personal robots. You are highly encouraged to bring your laptop; however, you will be provided with a personal robot kit and curricular materials. You will receive hands on training on how to teach CS1 with personal robots, as well first hand accounts from the broader IPRE community. The robots are programmed using Python. No prior knowledge of Python will be essential for attending this pre-symposium. This event is available on a first-come first-serve basis to 40 attendees via the SIGCSE 2010 Symposium registration form.


  • When: March 9th 8am - 5pm
  • Where: SIGCSE 2010, Milwaukee, WI, USA (Room 102A)




Keith O'Hara <kohara bard edu>