Step by Step Instructions - Calico Installation Under Mac OS X

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CalicoInstallation Instructions under Mac OS X

Video Tutorial

Step 0 make sure you're an administrator

  • You can't install mono without being an administrator.

Step 1: Download and install Mono

  • Go to Mono for Mac
  • On that page, under "Step 1", click on the Mac OS X icon under "long term supported version 2.6.7." That will make some download information appear below.
  • Now, go down to step 2 "Download Mono for Mac OSX." You want to select the Mono 2.6.7 version for your Mac. For 99% of people that's going to be Intel Framework CSDK. If you're not sure which type you have, you can click on the apple menu and click "about this mac"
  • Once it downloads, double click on the Mono Framework item in the download menu. That will open up a folder called MonoFramework-2.6.7
  • In the MonoFramework-2.6.7 folder, double click on the MonoFramework2.6.7<blahblah>.pkg file (the icon looks like a cardboard box)
  • Let it do its thing - whenever possible just hit continue or agree. I recommend just putting it in the install location where it wants. Click install, type your password when it asks for it, and it should report "the installation was successful.

Step 2. Download and Install Calico

  • Grab the zip file:
    • You want to select the most recent zip file that starts with "Calico" (whatever's at the top).
  • After downloading, unzip the file (double-click). Default location is often username/Downloads.
  • Drag the calico folder to your Applications folder or desktop (or somewhere else that you like to keep important stuff.)

Step 3. Run Calico

  • double click on the calico folder on your desktop to open it up.
  • Inside, you'll find two files called StartCalico. One of them is a Unix executable file - ignore that one. The other is an application. Double click on the application (if you get a warning that you downloaded it from the internet, that's OK, click "open"
  • In a few seconds, the calico window with the butterfly icon should appear.
  • Just to make sure it works, let's do some simple math: type 3+2 in the top window and then hit enter
Calico startup screen2.jpg

  • Calico should add the 3 and the 2, and give you the answer
Calico startup screen3.jpg

Step 4. Download and Install Options