Step by step instructions - calico installation under windows xp

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Step by Step Guide to Installing Calico (Windows XP SP2/SP3)


  1. Confirm that you have administrative rights in windows XP
  2. Download and Install Mono
  3. Download and Install Calico
  4. (Possibly) Edit the StartCalico.bat file
  5. Run Calico to confirm it works!!

Confirming that you have administrative rights in Windows XP

  1. Log on to your PC as you would normally
  2. Right-click on the start button (make sure you use the right mouse button!)
  3. Look at the list of options that appear (the picture below is from my computer. You may have some different items on your list)
Start right click xp.jpg

  • If you have the "Open All Users" and "Explore All Users" options, then you DO have administrative rights
  • If you do not have both of these options, then you DO NOT have administrative rights. You will not be able to continue with the software installation from this account. Contact your system administrator.

Download and Install Mono

  • Download Mono 2.6.7 for Windows
    • Save the file somewhere on your hard drive
  • Close down other applications open on your machine
  • Run the mono-2.6.7-gtksharp-2.12.10-win32-2.exe file you just saved by double clicking on it.

  • If you get a security warning like the one pictured below, don't worry, you can run it.
Mono xp Security warning.jpg <p>
  • You should get the Mono 2.6.7 Welcome screen shown below. Click on the "next" button as shown below
Mono2 6 7 welcome.jpg <p>
  • Now accept the agreement and click on next as shown below
Mono agreement.jpg <p>