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Meena's LotR Strategy RPG Surface App


This project is more or less a proof-of-concept project, to find out how to develop a turned-based RPG (in the vein of the Fire Emblem series) on the Microsoft Surface. The general premise of these games is to control characters from a variety of combat "classes" (in my game, these are Healer, Archer, Mage, Soldier, and Swordsman) on a gridded world map; one's goal is to defeat the opponent's army without losing key members of one's own army. Each character in a class should have randomized stats, such that a player has motivation for using multiple characters of one sort of class, or so that a player has motivation to swap certain characters for others as (s)he sees fit. Outcomes of battles are determined based on these stats and a little bit of chance.


  • Create character classes/stats
  • Write code to have the Surface recognize a ByteTag and display information about a predefined character
  • Create a player menu for each piece on the Surface that follows the piece around the screen
  • Write code to allow players to choose classes/register their pieces as a certain character (permanently?)
  • Write code to display a grid on the map, to highlight where players/enemies are
  • Write code to allow the player to use the menu to see his/her stats, where (s)he can move, to attack, and to change equipment
  • Write battle code
  • Add music/sound effects
  • Polish it up