Summary June 25-29

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- Wrote rough versions and worked on improving a few programs together for SRV-1: ballFollower, obstacleAvoider, mazeDoer.

- Added Wiki SRV-1 information (how to find SRV-1 com-port and which IR joystick readings refer to which sensors on SRV-1). Added Wiki robot information (added photos and information about other robots that can be used through Myro)

- Explored SRV-1 issues with motors and wrote blog response on this.

- Read Roomba manual and scheduled Roomba to go to work cleaning our room!

- Made rough version of program for SRV-1 to average box readings over a given number of box readings.

- Made tests for SRV-1 box readings using boxAverager program, and took notes on results. Such tests could lead to a better type of ballFollower. Noticed, for instance, that type of user colorset selection influences colorset size and other box readings. Found that it would be generally possible (though difficult) for SRV-1 to estimate distance to ball, using collected data. Issues with this approach might include differential lighting conditions.

- Downloaded Alice and explored that. Read an article about middle school student experiences with it. Blog entry is being worked on about Alice.

- Added articles to the reference.

- Further work on the survey.

- Question: how can we connect Roomba to computer, and how do we program it (python, etc.?)?