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IPRE Summer Undergraduate Faculty Enhancement Workshops

This page contains the details of the IPRE Summer Undergraduate Faculty Enhancement Workshops.

  • Workshop I, at GATech, Atlanta, GA. Jan 2011.
  • Workshop I, at Bryn Mawr College, Philadelphia, PA. Summer, 2011.

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  1. Douglas Blank, IPRE & Bryn Mawr College
  2. Deepak Kumar, IPRE & Bryn Mawr College
  3. Keith O'Hara, IPRE & Bard College
  4. Jay Summet, IPRE & Georgia Institute of Technology

Teaching Assistants

  1. Ying Pan, Bryn Mawr College
  2. Melanie Shafer, Bryn Mawr College
  3. Michelle Beard, Bryn Mawr College

Workshop Materials

  1. Internet Access: You will receive an ID and password with which to login to access the Internet. You will be able to use the wireless all over campus, including your dorm rooms, classrooms, and the labs.
  2. Hardware: We will use the Scribbler Robot Kit which includes the Scribbler Robot, the Fluke dongle, a USB Bluetooth dongle, and a game pad controller. You will get to take the kit with you.
  3. Software: The software (CD will be included in the kit) includes:
    1. Python (version 2.4) + Myro2
    2. Pyjama (version 1.1 with Python, Ruby, and Scheme) and Myro3
    3. All software works on Windows/Mac/Linux. It will be installed on all lab computers. We recommend that you bring your own laptop so you will be able to install Myro on it and also test drive and use the robot kit on it. This is what you will have to do when you use the materials at your home base.
  4. Text: Learning Computing with Robots, edited by Deepak Kumar. The text is available online. A printed copy will be provided for you to keep.
  5. Other: We will also give you additional materials, handouts, assessment forms, etc. as needed.

Dorm rooms come air conditioned, and completely furnished.

Tentative Schedule

IPRE Faculty Workshop on Personal Robots

July 22-23, 2010, Bryn Mawr College

Tentative Schedule

Wednesday, July 21

Arrive Wednesday evening. Check-in desk will be open at Haffner Hall. Once you have finalized your travel, please let us know so we can ensure that you will be able to get your keys etc. See directions below in Travel Logistics.

5:00 ???p Meet and greet Happy Hour at Gullifty's (5-10 min walk from campus).

Gullifty's is located at 1140 East Lancaster Ave. in Bryn Mawr. This will be a pay as you go. Gullifty's also has a full menu for those who would like to make it a dinner. It is a casual place. Depending on the weather we will either be on the outside patio or downstairs in the bar/lounge area. Deepak (or someone like him) will be wearing a bright Hawaiian shirt, so look for him.

Thursday, July 22

Breakfast at Haffner Hall
9:00 9:30a Registration, Introductions, and Workshop Logistics - Room 349
9:30 10:15a Overview (Doug) - Room 349 Slides
10:15 10:45a Lab Session: Scribbler Robots - Hands-on (All) - Room 231
10:45 11:00a Break - Refreshments available outside Room 231
11:00 12:00n Hands-on Lab Session + Basic Python (Jay) - Room 231
 Handouts Media:Intro1.ppt Media:Intro2.ppt
12:00 1:30p Lunch at Haffner Hall
1:30 2:00p Robot Control Paradigms (Deepak) - Room 349
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2:00 3:00p Hands-on Lab Session - Room 231
3:00 3:15p Break Refreshments available outside Room 349
3:15 4:00p Advanced Python + Myro (Keith) - Room 349 Media:advanced_python.ppt
4:00 4:30p Myro Install on your own laptops - Room 231
4:30 5:00p Discussion - Room 349
Evening Dinner at Haffner Hall or on your own. Consult local organizers for suggestions/excursions.

Friday, July 23

Breakfast at Haffner Hall
9:00 10:00a Graphics (Deepak) - Room 349
Program/Data files: Media:CirclesPY.txt, Media:BouncePY.txt, Media:MapStatePY.txt, Media:QueuesPY.txt, Media:RedBluePY.txt, Media:SearchPY.txt, Media:StateGraphPY.txt, Media:StateGraph.txt, Media:Election2004.txt, Media:USMapData.txt
10:00 10:30a Lab Session - Room 231
10:30 10:45a Break - Refreshments available outside Room 231
10:45 11:30a Lab Session - Room 321
11:30 12:00n Demonstrations of Lab work - Room 231
12:00 1:30p Lunch at Haffner Hall
1:30 2:30p Image Processing & Vision (Keith) - Room 349 Slides
2:30 3:00p Discussion - Room 349
3:00 3:15p Break - Refreshments available outside Room 349
3:15 5:00p Lab Session + Idea Session (Projects) - Room 231
6:00 ??? Dinner with the Phillies, Philadelphia, PA

Participants (Invited)

Travel Logistics

  1. You will be staying at Haffner Hall which is one of the residence halls on the campus, Bldg. 30 on Campus Map.
  2. There is wireless available all over campus. You will receive wifi info when you check in at Haffner Hall.
  3. The workshop will be held in Room 349 Park Science building and in the Lab 231 in Park Science Building (Bldg 13 on Campus Map).
  4. There is plenty of parking available, both near the dorm and the Park Science Building. If a pass is needed it will be included in your check-in packet.
  5. General directions for visiting Bryn Mawr (By car, train, or air) including downloadable maps are here here. The directions bring you to Visitor Lot which is near Haffner Hall.
  6. SEPTA Regional Train: The Bryn Mawr station is serviced by SEPTA R5 trains. See SEPTA's web site for schedules and other info.
  7. Coming by Amtrak: For those who'd like to take the train, get off at Amtrak 30th Street Station in Phila. Then take the R5 (paoli/Thorndale/Downingtown) train to Bryn Mawr. It is a 20 min ride from 30th St to Bryn Mawr.
  8. Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is the primary airport for the Delaware Valley.
  9. Additional directions (PHL to Bryn Mawr): You can take the SEPTA Train from the Airport to Bryn Mawr. From the Airport you will take the train to 30th Street Station (15 min) and then change to R5 (Paoli/Thorndale/Downingtown Line) and get off at Bryn Mawr (20 min). As you descend from the train, walk straight, through the traffic light on Montgomery Ave. After the light, turn left on Yarrow Street. You will see Haffner Hall (two-storey red-brick building with columns on top with holes) down the street on your right. Total distance from train to Haffner Hall is less than 200 yds).
  10. Alternate directions from PHL: You can reserve a van/limo service to bring you here (see Campus Map/Directions link above). You will be dropped off at Wyndham Hall which is next door to Haffner.
  11. Walking/Driving directions to Gullifty's: You can get to Lancaster Ave. from Haffner by going through/under the Bryn Mawr Train Station. Once on Lancaster Ave. Turn right and walk 5-6 blocks. Gullifty's is on the right. Next door to Border's Books.
  12. Walking/Driving directions to Gullifty's Take Two: Follow Merion Ave (front of Haffner) as it curves west and south. Cross Traffic Light at Montgomery Ave. Go over railroad bridge. Turn right at the Fire Station on Lancaster Ave. Go 3-4 blocks to Gullifty's.
  13. Walking only directions to Gullifty's: Follow Merion Ave (front of Haffner) as it curves west and south. At the traffic light on Montgomery, turn right. At the next light, turn left on Roberts Road (this is one way going the other way for cars). Walk under the railroad bridge. As you emerge from under the bridge, turn right on the little path on the side of the garage. You will emerge in the lot of a cra repair shop. Look straight ahead and you will see a Dominoe's Pizza. Walk towards it, as you get close to it, you will see the Borders in the big parking lot and Gullifty's next to it.
  14. For those in need of morning Starbucks: There is one within 5 min walk from Haffner on the corner of Lancaster Ave & Morris Ave. on the other side of the Train Station. Walk to the train station, go under using the walkway. You will see a SUNOCO gas station at the traffic light. Starbucks across the street from it.
  15. Campus Center Cafe & bookstore: Half way between Haffner and Park Science Building is the Campus Center Bldg. which has a nice lounge and cafe (probably better coffee than Haffner though food in Bryn Mawr dorms is VERY highly rated). On the lower level there is a campus bookstore (interesting 5 min or longer browse). There is also a post office and an ATM there.


Last workshop photos: Flickr.


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