Tekkotsu XWalk Introduction

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What is XWalk

XWalk is a motion trajectory generator in Tekkotsu. Once the configuration of a robot is set in the .kin file, XWalk will enable the robot to walk over a certain displacement at a certain speed.

How to run XWalk

1)Running XWalk with a Robot simulation A. Create a robot simulation and put related files into appropriate directories(More details: http://www.tekkotsu.org/mirage.html) B. cd Tekkotsu/tools/mirage


Afterward, a window should appear, displaying the Mirage 3D environment. C. connecting Tekkotsu cd Tekkotsu/project ./tekkotsu-TARGET –c mirage.plist (for example, if we use the simulation of Gort, we type : ./tekkotsu-GORT –c mirage.plist) D.turning on ControllerGUI cd Tekkotsu/tools/bin ./ControllerGUI localhost E.Root Control -> TekkotsuMon -> Walk Controller Actually, not only the Walk Controller will call XWalk, many other motions in the list, including Chase Ball call XWalk, too.