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You should pick a Bluetooth USB Adaptor that:

  1. is Driverless (doesn't require extra software to be install) - Mac, Linux, and Windows can use some Bluetooth devices without additional software. That makes it easy for the students to use.
  2. is Class 1 (100 meter range) or class 2 (10 meter range)
  3. will probably cost between $10 and $30

We recommend the Cellink USB Bluetooth Class 1 2.0+EDR USB adapter (if you can find it) and the very similar AZIO adapter. But the Zoom mentioned below also works well.

Some details on additional Bluetooth USB Adaptors:

Device Comparison
Name Cost Windows Drivers Linux Class Bluetooth version Notes
No-name (Blue Soleil software) $16 Complex 1  ?
Anycom 2.0 $25 Drivers Needed 2  ?
D-link DBT-120 $40 No Drivers Needed 2  ?
Zoom 4310 $25 No Drivers Needed 1  ? extra-long fold-up atenna
Hawking HBTC2 $30 No Drivers Needed 1  ?

Please feel free to add to this list.